Integrity / Scrutiny comparison of features

This chart only gives a broad outline of main features.


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  Integrity  Integrity Plus  Integrity Pro  Scrutiny 
Price (after free trial period)FREE$15$45$115
10.14 dark-mode-ready
Link checking
Export your data 
Search / filter your data 
Manage multiple sites 
SEO checks  
Spell checking  
Grammar checking   
'sitesucker' type archiving * 
Help with migration to secure (https://) site **   
Website monitoring   
Orphaned pages   
Authentication (sites that require login)   
Crawl with cookies / javascript   
Check links within pdfs   
Schedule regular scans   
Page load speed test ***   
Multiple windows (simultaneous scans etc)   
Autosave data   


* The free Integrity can archive pages but it does little more than dump the html of each page it parses. The other apps allow you to save the result in a browsable format, making links relative and re-creating the directory structure. If archiving a website for audit purposes is your goal, see Watchman.

** When you scan an https:// site, Scrutiny will report links to your http pages, and also report pages which have 'mixed content' or insecure content, ie style sheets, js files, images which are http://

*** As from version 8, all apps will report the response time and file size of all urls checked. The page load speed test in Scrutiny loads a page and reports the load time of all of its elements, thus finding bottlenecks.